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pool (no water)

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pool (no water)
  • pool (no water)
    By Mark Ravenhill

  • Written By
    Mark Ravenhill
  • Directed By
    Lucy Phillips
  • Designed By
    David Haworth
This show toured from 16th Jan 2013 to 19th Jan 2013

pool (no water) by Mark Ravenhill


“The Group”, a collective who met at Art school ten years ago, fly to LA to see their incredibly successful friend. Old rivalries and unspoken resentments flare up as the visit takes an unexpected turn, leading them to question what constitutes Art and how far can a friendship be pushed.


pool (no water), written by Mark Ravenhill, was commissioned by Frantic Assembly in 2006. This year the Youth Theatre are exploring the theme ‘on the edge’ and how people can be pushed through and beyond their comfort zone.


This production will take you to the very edge.


Please note - Due to some of the content, the recommended age is 14+

Viewer Reviews

  • Chantal Pritchet
    Posted on
    20th January 2013

    After watching this version of Pool (no water) I very much wanted to be involved in it. This always seems to be the case with any of the show I have been to see! Being part of Forest Forge for about 8 years every show I now go to see brings back memories of times with Forest Forge. I wish I could have been a part of it especially the fitness section looked like a lot of fun! Well done to everyone involved! The amount of trust involved in this physical theatre piece was amazing!

  • Chantal Pritchet
    Posted on
    20th January 2013

    Another amazing performance by Forest Forge youth theatre! I thoroughly enjoyed watching Pool (no water). After being a member of Forest Forge for about 8 years I always find myself wishing I could join in with each show I see. This one in particular the physical movement involved must have taken a lot of trust between cast members! I particularly wish I could have been involved with the 'fitness' piece from the show. You all looked like you really enjoyed it, well done to everyone involved!

  • Josh Elwell
    Posted on
    16th January 2013

    Forest Forge Youth Theatre production of Frantic Assembely's 'Pool No Water' was just awesome! Boundless energy, exceptional trust, outstanding ensemble mixed together with seamless choreography and gallons of youthful talent. No where else have I seen youth theatre this good. A mind blowing 75 minutes!

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