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Our Current Season

Welcome to the new season of Forest Forge and we hope there is something in this programme for everyone.

First up we are delighted to bring back Free Folk by the fantastic writer Gary Owen. We toured this show in 2010 and since then have been wanting to revisit this wonderful play and take it further afield. Five strangers get trapped in a house in the Forest and not all is how it seems…..The Play encompasses Gary's traits of poeticism and dark humour- a real must see that received wonderful feedback on its first tour.

The Winter show will be a new adaptation of the well known novel Anne of Green Gables. We will be putting the Forest Forge twist onto this tale of a red haired orphan who comes to live in a rural town and create havoc. It will be full of humour, gorgeous storytelling and Rebecca Applin's magic music.

Finally we end the season with a beautiful and sensitive piece entitled Battlelines which will explore three conflicts from Hampshire's point of view: World War one, World War Two and Modern Warfare.

We hope to see you in a venue near you soon.


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