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Social story now available

  • Created 3 years ago.

    The social story for the relaxed performance of Midnight Is A Place is now available to be downloaded from our website.  It, along with more information about the relaxed performance, can now be found on the Midnight Is A Place page, under the 'Relaxed Performance' tab.

    We have spent a long time researching how to create the most effective and helpful social story possible.  By taking the time to work out what we needed to include and to collect feedback from users and specialists, we believe that the social story is now ready for use by our audience.

    The social story is designed to support users both before and during their theatrical experience. Forest Forge is pleased to be using Makaton (TM) symbols in the social story.  Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate.  We recognise that this system is used at home and school by many children with communication difficulties and we are pleased to have been able to work with the Makaton Charity to add a further level of support for those coming to see the show.

    Two versions of the social story will be available from the website: one specifically for the relaxed performance, the other as a more general support for the show, which can be used for any of the performances.  Forest Forge now intends to produce social stories as standard for every production that we tour and will soon be creating social stories for its Youth Theatre and workshops.  Watch this space for more information about social stories!