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Forest Forge Theatre Company has been delivering high quality Creative Learning projects for the past 30 years.


Forest Forge Youth Theatre -Ernest and the Pale Moon

 Forest Forge’s Youth Theatre has 150 participants from the age of 6 – 21 who meet on a weekly basis to learn skills and work towards performances. The Youth Theatre has an open access policy and so anyone can join as long as there is a space for him or her to do so.  We offer the opportunity to explore all aspects of theatre, in a safe but exciting environment. The sessions are practical workshops using theatre games and activities to devise work or create performances based on scripted plays. We aim to create an ensemble atmosphere where everyone is able to flourish as a performer.

The performances we create take place in many different settings – you might catch us at our base in Ringwood, stumble upon us in a town centre or discover one of our site-specific pieces throughout the year. We also offer Arts Awards to members.

We recently performed Ernest and the Pale Moon by Oliver Lansbury, An Arabian Night and The Signalman's Tale which we devised from research that had been used to make our professional touring show Leaves on a Line. Please see the gallery for pictures.

 "What a magical piece of theatre. Artistic work at its best. It had the joy of storytelling in every single moment!" Audience feedback

Other recent productions include: Battlelines Uncut, A Matter of Life and Death, Very Small and Very Far Away by Richard Conlon, pool (no water) by Mark Ravenhill, Talechamber, Beauty and the Beast by Lucy Kirkwood, The Forgotten Odyssey by David Lane, A Christmas Carol by Gary Owen, The Wind in the Willows, Lord of the Flies, Struwwelpeter and A Midsummer Nights Dream.

In 2011, Forest Forge commissioned writer David Lane to work with the Youth Theatre and write a play about young people's lives in the New Forest.  It was a companion piece to Forest Forge's professional autumn production The World Outside and was taken out on tour by the youth theatre.  As far as we know Forest Forge is the only company to have ever commissioned a new play for a youth theatre to take out on tour alongside a professional show!

For more information please contact Lucy Phillips or Emma Ingleton.

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Youth Theatre Term Dates

Spring 2016 Term Dates 

6th January - 23th March 
No session on 17th February  
Group 2 - School Years 6 & 7
4.45pm - 6.15pm 
(No Session 16th March)
Group 5 - School Years 12+ 
6.30pm - 8.30pm
(Production week 14th March) 
7th January - 24th March 
No session on 18th February  
Group 1 - School Years 2 - 5
4.00pm - 5.00pm
(No Session 17th March)
Group 3 - School Years 8 & 9 
5.15pm - 6.45pm 
(No session 17th March)
(Production week 18th April)
Group 4 - School Years 10 & 11
7pm - 8.30pm
(No session 17th March)
(Production week 18th April)