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Forest Forge Theatre Company has been delivering high quality Creative Learning projects for the past 30 years.

Alongside our professional productions our Creative Learning programme forms the core of our work, both in terms of the way we work and who we reach out to and engage with.

The Creative Learning programme has three basic strands:


Forest Forge’s Youth Theatre has 150 participants from the ages of 6 – 21 who meet on a regular basis. Each group holds their own production each year and, as well as performing at The Theatre Centre, regularly appears in street theatre events throughout Hampshire. The Youth Theatre has an open access policy and so anyone can join as long as there is a space for him or her to do so.


This is our work in Schools and Colleges. We offer a range of workshops to schools on a variety of subjects including physical theatre, writing, devising and storytelling. We can offer residencies or discrete projects for individual schools. We have a wealth of experience in working with different age ranges, abilities and with groups including Pupil Referal Units and young people with Autism. We are regularly asked to speak at and run workshops at teacher conferences and INSET days. Details of our more popular workshops can be found on our Education Programme, but we are always willing to discuss other ideas and the ways we can help. 


This is our work in communities outside of formal education and includes life-long learning. Our Creative Learning Team work with groups of any age, culture and ability from around the region to explore a cross art form approach to theatre.

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What Do They Say

On It Won’t Happen To Me – ‘Elevate’ work experience project June 2011

“The whole project was so much fun… when we started it was nothing like I would have expected but it was an experience I will never forget. Thank you for an amazing time, and helping me a lot.” Cast member

“The production itself was a triumph… It has raised the game of the students who took part.” Teacher, Burgate School

“Thank you for an excellent show. The cast and your organisation should be proud of what you achieve so quickly with so little. With so much criticism of youth today is always nice to see the positive side which you and I know is there with a little help, support and encouragement.” Community Engagement Officer, Hampshire Police

On Forest Forge Youth Theatre

“The whole performance was a charming treasure trove of entertainment and a positive cornucopia of delights. Every single one of the cast was excellent and we could see they are a talented bunch of youngsters, skilfully directed and encouraged to deliver their best.” Youth Theatre Audience Member, Beauty and The Beast, 2011

Forest forge plays a massive role in inspiring that playfulness and imaginative thinking which is so important to have in all our lives no matter what age we may be.”  Youth Theatre Member

“Forest Forge encourages young people to come together... whether they become a great actor is beside the point - producing well-rounded adults with a sense of worth and fulfilment appears to be far more important.” Youth Theatre Member’s Parent

On When We Were 30, Forest Forge 30th Anniversary Community Project, 2011

“The production was brilliant and it was a joy to watch the faces of the elderly audience, laughing and singing along with the cast.” New Forest District Councillor

“I'm not sure but I think I may be a converted philistine! The performance was enthralling and I thoroughly enjoyed the immensely talented performers” Mayor of Fordingbridge