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Theatre Centre

Welcome to The Theatre CentreThe Theatre Centre

Forest Forge is based in a purpose built building on Endeavour Park Industrial Estate, Crow Arch Lane in Ringwood. 

The Theatre Centre holds a Studio Space, offices, a workshop space and dressing room spaces. 


Access: There are 2 easy get in points at the front and side of the building.

Parking: There is lots of parking directly in front of the building. Even more after 5pm

Green Room: The green room contains a fridge, oven, hob, microwave, tea and coffee making facilities, sink and sofas.

Dressing Rooms: There is one dressing area that can sit 4 people comfortably. It has mirrors and a loo

Shower: There is one shower by dressing room.

Laundry: The Theatre has a washing machine, tumble drier, iron and ironing board, which may be used by visiting companies for costumes.

Mobile Phones: Reception can be poor especially with Orange. There is a payphone in the dressing room.

Smoking: All areas of the building are no smoking, however there is a garden area where smoking is permitted.

Local Accommodation:
Please phone the office if required

Workshop: A workshop space is available. Please ring for details.

The Studio:
This is a flat open space measuring 9.80m x 8m. Height is 5m to rig. There is a room attached to this that is 9.80m by 4m but only 2.56m high (see plan). This can be closed off with a curtain The floor is concrete with a lino covering


Lighting Equipment:  

1 x Zero 88 Jester desk
2 x pulsar 6 channel dimmers
1 x demux

Fresnels & PCs:
7 x 1000w selecon PC
2 x 500w Minuet

2 x 500W floods
4 x Birdies (mains voltage)
1 x smoke machine
1 x projector

Rigging: 24 x circuits in the rig   Floor circuits (on request)

Sound Equipment:
1 x peavey escort 150w amp and mixer
1 x sony mini disc {with auto pause}
1 x Marantz CD player
1 x Shure SM58 microphone
1 x boom microphone stands
3 x passive DI boxes
4 x other microphones

Masking: Various. Please ask if needed

Plan of Studio