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What People Say About Us: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

“Peeling was one of the most powerful plays I have seen…It has had a profound effect - I have been adopting Beatty’s defiant look since, I wish I suited red lipstick.” Audience Member, Peeling

“This is what I want from theatre – to be taken into new territories; to experience deep, human contact; to have my brain tickled and to discover new places in my heart.” Audience Member, Peeling

" What a magical 45 minutes – the children were transfixed, from Year 1 to Year 8, and the staff cannot stop talking about it. It is such a privilege for us all to see such talented performers and such inventive direction up close, right here in our school hall. It has been the highlight of our WW1 commemoration day." Knighton House School, Battle Lines

“The New Forest is brought to life.” Forest Journal on Born

“Lovely performances, fascinating stories and a wonderful mix of complex psychological and emotional issues and the rural problems faced by the forest community.” Audience Member, The World Outside

“A really amazing and innovative project… they were truly companion pieces, thoughtfully written and beautifully entwined.” Playwright Dinos Aristidou, on The World Outside and Born

 “We love the accessibility, generosity and commitment shown consistently by Forest Forge’s productions.” Regular Forest Forge Audience Member

Peeling, 2011

“Bowled over by the quality of the performances, the staging and the spectacle. A Christmas banquet of madcap invention, festooned with magic and belly laughs.” Audience Member, The Phoenix and The Carpet

“It’s better than a movie because it’s real!" New Theatre Goer (age 5) after The Phoenix and The Carpet

“The children absolutely loved it and haven’t stopped talking about it ever since. It’s given them a real lift before their own performance at the end of this week and provided us with much interesting and stimulating material to work with.” Moyles Court Deputy Head Teacher after a school’s performance of The Phoenix and The Carpet

“You use your imagination a lot - especially the Phoenix - because birds do not talk but the Phoenix did. I liked Robert because he was forgetful like me!” Audience Member (age 7) after The Phoenix and The Carpet

“In more than 20 years of watching… I have never seen a bad one. During this time, thousands of youngsters have encountered their first taste of top-quality professional theatre” The Stage on Forest Forge’s winter productions

"An excellent show. My son benefitted from seeing the actors being introduced before the performance. The different sounds used were also played which took the stress away. Will certainly attend other "Relaxed" performances! " Audience parent at a Relaxed Performance

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