• Leaves on a Line

    by Dinos Aristidou
    Directed by Kirstie Davis

    ‘If there was one thing you could say to your younger self what would it be?

    Would she listen? And if she did, what difference would it make? You’d still be here. Waiting.’

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Welcome to Forest Forge Theatre Company

Forest Forge is one of the UK’s leading small-scale touring theatre companies.  It specialises in creating professional performances and Creative Learning projects that share people’s stories and experiences, with the ongoing aim of inspiring, engaging and transforming communities. The company is particularly interested in new writing.

Forest Forge is committed to making theatre accessible by touring work directly into people’s communities, to a variety of venues and working with a range of people through bespoke projects and workshops.

Forest Forge makes theatre performances and workshops that sometimes challenge and are sometimes unexpected, but always inspiring.

The company is based in Ringwood on the edge of the New Forest and has been touring work for over 30 years.

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Leaves on a Line - In rehearsal ...

Sitting in rehearsal is both exhilarating and terrifying suddenly your words are transformed into action. The voices in your head have become real! You hear words afresh, see the play from a new perspective as the director, designer, actors, tech team begin to bring the world alive. You listen to every word and hear things you hadn’t heard or thought of before. It’s wonderful sitting in the Forest Forge space watching it all unfold because there’s such a strong sense of collaboration as everyone works together and the production develops at such a pace. The actors bring so much to the piece with their interpretations so that I feel I see my own writing afresh. Kirstie works both on the text and on the shape of the piece simultaneously and she’s open to ideas, changes, edits, restructuring so you really feel part of the evolution of the play. The hardest thing is of course knowing when to shut up because you could be doing rewrites forever!


Stardust: The adventure begins

So we are going ot have our final dress this afternoon having worked on some bits this morning. It is a difficult piece for the actors as there are a lot of costume changes and props/set changes to get their heads around and also it is a fast show! But they are doing brilliantly and I just know that it will look smooth even if chaos is happening back stage! Lucy Sewill was in yesterday taking some gorgeous photos- some of which I have put up on this blog. So this time tomorrow the set will be being taken down and put in the back of the big, blue van and the tour will begin. Christmas really is just round the corner...


In full bloom- Kaite O'Reilly blog on Woman of Flowers

Woman of Flowers is now out on the road. Kaite O'Reilly shares her feelings with us one week into the tour:


The Director's Blog

Fourth week zooming in

It's already Monday and things are now heading quickly down the track to what is the preview! Today we will have our first dress rehearsal- it will be great to see all of the elements come together. Tomorrow we will be rehearsing in the morning- I really want to spend some time on the set pieces such as the good and bad shawl sequences- we have found out what a good puppeteer Leonie is! Then we will have a second dress rehearsal- its all about getting the style and slickness that is needed with that style. Finally Wednesday we will do our third dress rehearsal with some photos to send off to the venues. David has been busy over the weekend completing the set and Dom is busy finishing off the props and film aspects. The model railway and installations have arrived- all of which look amazing- I cant believe the intricacy of the installations in particular. So roll on Wednesday night when Dinos will also join us and we will be up!